Top Tips for Buying Topsoil


If you need topsoil for your garden, then you might be facing the potentially confusing process of buying soil in bulk from a garden supplier. The type of soil you need depends on what you plan to use it for. The following guide will hopefully help you to make the right purchase decision.  1. Choosing Topsoil for Turf If you plan to lay turf on top of your new soil, then almost any general-purpose topsoil should be up to the task.

22 November 2021

Two Common Mistakes People Make When They Buy Their First Ride-On Mowers


Here are the mistakes that people usually make after buying their first ride-on mower. They drive too quickly without first assessing their lawn Whilst there is nothing wrong with using a ride-on mower at its top speed in most circumstances (in fact, the speed of this gardening equipment is one of its best qualities), new owners of this machinery will often make the mistake of driving their mower at full speed across their lawn before they've fully assessed this area of the garden.

12 March 2021