Two Common Mistakes People Make When They Buy Their First Ride-On Mowers


Here are the mistakes that people usually make after buying their first ride-on mower.

They drive too quickly without first assessing their lawn

Whilst there is nothing wrong with using a ride-on mower at its top speed in most circumstances (in fact, the speed of this gardening equipment is one of its best qualities), new owners of this machinery will often make the mistake of driving their mower at full speed across their lawn before they've fully assessed this area of the garden.

This can cause problems if the lawn in question is littered with outdoor toys, moderately-large rocks and gardening tools. If a person were to use a push-mower on this lawn, the mower would simply get stuck when it collided with these objects. This is not what would happen if a person were using a ride-on mower.

Because ride-on mowers are so large and powerful, they will usually surmount these obstacles when they encounter them. However, if a person is driving this mower at its top speed and they drive it over a large rock on their lawn, the mower might tip over. This could leave the operator of this mower injured and might result in the weighty mower leaving a big dent in the lawn where it lands. If the object it was driven over was sharp, this incident could also tear the mower's tyres. As such, if a person wants to drive their ride-on mower at its fastest speed, they should do so only after they have checked their lawn for obstacles and removed any that might get in their way.

Letting more than one person sit on the mower when it's on

First-time owners of this gardening equipment also make the error of allowing more than one person to sit on the mower whilst it's being used. This can lead to lots of issues. For example, if two adults sit on a ride-on mower, this may overload it and break or put too much strain on its components. Similarly, if one of the people on it is a lot heavier than the other, this could result in the part of the mower on which the heavy person is sitting to sink too far into the lawn and create indentations.

This behaviour is also dangerous, as ride-on mowers are usually designed to be operated by one person and so their seats are often not large enough for two people to sit on them safely at once. As such, when people do this, they can end up slipping off the seat and onto the grass.


12 March 2021

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