Creative Advantages of a Vertical Garden for Your Home


With yards becoming smaller and apartment living becoming more common, it is getting harder for one to enjoy a day in the garden. This past time has been fading in recent years. Thankfully there is a solution in vertical gardens. Here are some of the creative advantages of a vertical garden for your home.

Put Small Areas to Use

With the size of living space decreasing, a vertical garden can help in a big way. Whether you have a small yard or only a balcony to work with, vertical gardens can be the answer. With many design possibilities available, your vertical garden can be designed to fit the space you need to fill. With this flexibility, you can brighten up the balcony of your apartment and have fresh flowers and vegetables as the seasons permit.

Gardening Anywhere

Another great feature of a vertical garden is the ability to have a garden anywhere. This is especially true if you live in an apartment, in a house, on a boat or just about anywhere else you can install a vertical garden. Because they are versatile, they can be installed in the small space you have, or you can make a bigger design to cover a large wall, allowing your vertical garden to serve both as a place for your beloved plants as well as a style statement for your home. The benefits of gardening are a great reason for the installation of a vertical garden. Plants are shown to relieve stress and uplift your spirits. Add to that a healthy meal, and you have the setting for a wonderful day.

Designs for Indoors or Outdoors

One final advantage to vertical gardens is their ability to work indoors or outdoors. This means that while you have your vegetables on the balcony, you can have flowers in your living room. This again can make for amazing decorations, therefore adding much-needed colour to your home. Other benefits come from this addition as well. Having a vertical garden as your inner wall will help to muffle sounds from surrounding apartments. They will also help to cool a hot room and bring much-needed oxygen in a healthy and beautiful way.

No matter where you live or how small your space is, you can enjoy a beautiful flower or vegetable garden. With a vertical garden, you can bring the beauty and unique style into your home or apartment, which allows you to benefit from nature's best features no matter your living situation.


19 March 2019

Winter proofing my garden

Winter is coming, at least to my garden. I am working on how to make sure that I protect my garden from heavy frosts this year because last year some of my bulbs and fruit trees suffered frost shock. Often the best way to avoid frost shock and make sure that you have a beautiful garden year round is to do some sensible prep work in winter including prune, mulching, and building shade clothes. This blog has tips for gardeners in cooler climates who like to have beautiful flowers and fruits all year round, no matter what the weather is like.